stitched 'letting go
angel in shore grasses
rusty barn
black wings
wisp of color
blessed with light
coastal bench
tall textured landscape
This page was last updated on: December 3, 2019
Lori's original photographic images are transferred onto recycled copper, aluminum, or wood. The surfaces are highlighted by hand engraving and piercing the materials. The process is part printmaking and part photography with the artistic emotion dictating the unique results.
All photos content and art work are the copyright of Lori Barker 
ENGRAVED PHOTO TRANSFERS on metal, tin tiles, engraved tintype collages
My machine embroidery past life  filtered into a new series 
photo overlay mannequins
and sewn landscapes
Lori Barker
          Designing Visions in Mixed Media

golden angel
twin tintype (sold)
newport rocks (sold)
mother and child
white flower farm
the park
thoughtful angel
fruit on ceiling tin
assemblage (sold)
sun beams
pretty in pink
angels watching
2 pears
gentleman tintype
lady with hat
special order - sold
Recycled into art