The Whispering Wings angel cards are created from Lori's original photographs taken 'angel hunts' throughout the country. Each of the 36 angels and their message evokes a special meaning. (Comes with a cloth pouch, for limited time)
$18 each set with free shipping to continental US only

NEW! Buddha Message Cards
This spiritual card deck consists of 37 different cards with carefully selected motifs of my original Buddha photography. The cards have a unique Dalai Lama quote. Each card measures 3" x 4.25".
$18 each set with free shipping to continental US only

Please note, all artwork copyright 2018 by Lori Barker
There are moments in most people's lives that need a little push from the Universe. Discover the synchronicity with these cards.

Simply pick a card in the morning and place it where you are this very day, or take it with you. This card will accompany you through the day and support you.
Lori Barker
         Designing Visions in Mixed Media
Buddhist Prayer Cards
11 cards with Buddhist prayers or thoughts.  $10 each set and free shipping
SEEKING WITHIN 50 oracle cards
co-created by Lori Barker and Paula Bush

each card measures 3.5" x 5" and comes in a organdy bag.

close up samples