Purple Door Gallery 
 A inside look at the Gallery 

The Touch House a straw bale construction                            Our 7 circuit Labyrinth are nestled in the woods

This page was last updated on: June 7, 2021
The Barkers have created a charming gallery and sculptural grounds in the Northwest hills of Connecticut. The Touch House (a straw bale construction) and Labyrinth are also open to the public. 4 miles West from the center of Goshen.

Lori Barker
13 Bartholomew Hill
Goshen, CT 
call (860) 491-3514
​text only cell: 860-294-6691
email Lbarker2@optonline.net
designing visions in mixed media

Drone photo taken for the book,
Chasing Labyrinths
by Bill Ludwig- labyrinths of CT. and R.I.
The summer of 1999, nephews Eric, Richard, Ernie and Lori, along with many helping hands constructed a strawbale "house" in the back woods. 
The finished walls were stuccoed by hand over chicken wire on the exterior. The interior walls are of lime plaster. All windows and doors were recycled.

It is a place for relaxation and quiet contemplation. The bale thick walls muffle all but the sounds of nature. A building built with love, for the love of it, and a wonderfully relaxing womb to reflect and enjoy.
The Labyrinth is a path for you to walk. Unlike a maze, there are no wrong turns. If you follow the path, it will lead you to the center. Walking the labyrinth can be healing, enlightening, centering, meditative or just plain fun.
       You may wish to focus on an intention before you walk, or you may center yourself to be open to whatever it is you will experience. When you are ready, simply put one foot in front of the other on the path to the center. The walk out of the labyrinth, on the same path, is realistically and symbolically the act of taking what we have received back out into the world. 
       Our 7 circuit labyrinth was divined by Ernie and expertly created by Joe M. Miguez in 2003.